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    Unanswered: Please help me

    Hello all i want to do is
    customers Bussiness names in order of profitability.
    and Order the customers
    from most profitable at the top to leave profitable at the bottom

    I have provided the tables and the schema

    any IDEA?
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    Quote Originally Posted by anthitis View Post
    all i want ...
    this is, like, your 4th or 5th new problem this week, right?

    are you ~sure~ this is all you want?

    or will there be another problem right after this one?

    we don't mind helping you, but it feels like you're just using us to write your queries

    which, if you don't mind my saying, still look like homework assigment problems | @rudydotca
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    Returning your Reply

    Well look I have created some queries for a program to make it work for
    my client, I am just a programmer not a database expert, especially
    on sql server, i use to work on small projects but i am willing to learn more stuff. I cannot see that i am using someone there , From my experience
    i know that forums are for people willing to learn and achieve more
    cool things on their carriers so if you can help me , that's fine otherwise
    tell me that i am not welcome in the forum because i am asking to many

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    its not that your not welcome, its that you are asking us for help on very basic items, which leads us to believe you do not care about learning, you just want to profit from our responses.
    As far as this question goes, there is an order by clause and you would use this to order data in the manner that you would like to see it.

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    Well i have the answer for you

    That discussion starts to get personal
    No matter how difficult the question is If someone's knowlege is greater
    than someone else and wants to provide some kind of help
    then this is welcome to everyone , this is what the forums are all
    about, now if you want to put restrictions on your forum ,
    regarding the kind of the question then you bettet tell us
    no problem with it, There is thousands of forums around
    if you don't want to help others. That's all i know so far
    Forums are for people to share their knowlege and exange
    informations, Related to your comments about i don't want
    to learn you are not right , I am an Analyst programmer
    for about 10 years , I started from scratch and now i am
    working for a company and dealing with customers about their
    needs and helping software developers .
    But as you know experience does'nt come overnight
    takes ages and lot of work to be done , so that's why
    forums and books are good starting point.

    Thanks mate

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    cease fire ..
    least have a time out ..

    man i see 5 questions by the same guy on one page ............. and i dont see a single line of code posted by him ..
    honorable anthitis

    i do not care you are 44 yo or 4 . a great A.P . or a school kid .. who ever and what ever you are i am sure you are very very honorable .............. * bows in respect*

    can u least least provide here your work .... YOUR OWN LINES OF CODE ...... ??

    other wise i will report every of your post each time ... i am one person but one can voice in the universe to add up more noise ..

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    I'm happy to let this post-report go.

    Looks to me like the members of the community are self moderating this one.

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