My name is Teddy and I am working with my aunt. I just finished my first relational database (outside of a basic BCIS class) yesterday and I am very excited to see what I can learn to continue the process and hopefully expand my abilities. The database was in Access, but I have Microsoft SQL Server 2005 available and I'm working on learning that.

The database itself was pretty simple: A single data table with a form that would represent information on an individual receipt (Customer's name and contact information, Receipt number, Description of computer problem, Solution, etc.).
Then we messed around with it for a little while and set up a nice page-layout for the form. After some research we figured out how to set up a query that would search the receipts by the fields "Last Name" or "MM/YYYY". The MM/YYYY query I set up so that she could see a list of all the customers that brought in computers in any month, but by just entering YYYY she could see all of the customers that brought their computers in that year as well. I hid the memo-type fields to prevent page-stretching and left only the customer's name, contact info, and receipt number, which was auto-increment so it corresponded with the page number when searching for the receipt in the full-page form view.

I had a blast, and we are both having fun playing with the query feature. I can't help thinking "I did that! Without using a wizard or instructions!"

I'm thrilled to join the dBforums so I can learn more. I'm also looking for a weekend project that is a bit more challenging than my first. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them. I just love having a puzzle to figure out and making something that fulfills a purpose.