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    Question Unanswered: Using result of drop down list to perform multiplication, based on table of values

    Hi there - I am working at building a budget spreadsheet. Some of my expenses are daily, some are weekly, some monthly etc. As a result, I have created a named list: "Frequency" which has each of the periodic frequencies listed by name. I used this list to create a drop down via Data Validation, so now I can specify whether an expense value is a daily rate, a monthly rate etc.

    When inputting data in to the spreadsheet, one enters an expense amount (say $10) and then specifies whether this is a daily, weekly, monthly amount by choosing the appropriate Frequency measure from the list.

    The spreadsheet then has a Monthly expense and Annual expense column which I would like to be formula driven - they should calculate the Monthly and Annual rates of these expenses which may have been input as daily, weekly, quarterly rates.

    Depending on which frequency is chosen, I want the total to be multiplied by the value required to make these expenses a Monthly amount or an Annual amount.

    I have a table which shows the rates that need to be multiplied for Monthly or Annual totals:

    Monthly Rate Annual Rate
    Daily 30.42 365
    Weekly 4.33 52
    Fortnightly 2.17 26
    Monthly 1.00 12
    Bi-Monthly 0.50 6
    Quarterly 0.33 4
    Semi-Annually 0.17 2
    Annually 0.08 1

    My question is:

    How do I get a result to be generated by building a formula, such that where the expense is input as $10 and from the Frequency drop down, the frequency weekly is selected, which performs the function of multiplying $10 by 4.33.

    Thanks in advance for your help - if I haven't been clear, please let me know and I'll try again.

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    You can look up the conversion rate in your table.

    I've attached an example to help. I used the named range 'Frequencies' rather than 'Frequency' because there is already an Excel worksheet function called FREQUENCY so I wanted to avoid any confusion.

    Note that the headers in both tables are the same to make the look up easier. The look up formula in C2 is:
    If a Frequency hasn't been selected then the formula would return #N/A. To address this you could use IFERROR() or ISERROR() functions, but I have simply added an extra row to the lookup table with a frequency of 0.

    If you want me to go through any of it in more detail then please let me know...

    Hope that helps...
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