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    Unanswered: Oracle LDAP Integration Help

    I am assisting a friend in managing and maintaining about 100 Oracle databases on several instances (all UNIX). What we are looking at doing is to assign access via LDAP. I have done a lot of reading on this and I keep getting the feeling that this is too complex and I must be missing something.

    It seems that I would have to use Oracle Virtual Directories but I would also need to be an AD administrator on the back-end domain to add the Oracle context. Is this correct?

    Someone mentioned that we could use OS-level user groups but would this function if we are using LDAP for UNIX-level authentication? What would your advice be?

    Sorry for the noob questions here I have managed SQL Server databases before but this is a totally different beast.

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    What LDAP do you want to use AD? openldad?
    You can use Oracle Internet Directory which containts its own LDAP, configuration is very simple.

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