Attempting to run a z/OS application using DB2 V9 JDBC ibatis:

"com.ibatis.dao.client.DaoException: Failed to execute queryForObject - id ...
Cause: [jcc][50053][12311][4.7.94] T2zOS exception: [jcc][T2zos]T2zosConnection.flowConnect:execConnect:1347: DB2 engine SQL error, SQLCODE = -20210, SQLSTATE = 560B8, error tokens = ERRORCODE=-20210, SQLSTATE=560B8 at com.ibatis.dao.client.template.SqlMapDaoTemplate.q ueryForObject(SqlMapDaoTemplate.queryForObject(Sql MapDaoTemplate ... "

SQLCODE = -20210 suggests a reprecompile/rebind is necessary, but no plan or package is identified in the error messages.

Is there an ibatis flavor which uses dynamic SQL to avoid this issue?

Any insights appreciated. Thanks.