Dear All,

Currently we are using DB2 UDB Version 9.1. We are trying to compile a embedded SQL C++ application but db2 precompiler ( prep ) throws this error "48 SQL4020N The 'long' host variable "*" is not valid. Use 'sqlint32' instead" so we overcame this error by passing 'LONGERROR NO' to db2 prep option.

On program execution the result from a database column is not retrieved correctly to a long host variable. Always long host variable value show zero. The solution of renaming long to sqlint32 datatype is not strategic since there is a huge codebase which makes this solution highly impractical.

I hereby request you please let me know if there is a resolution for this issue ( any Compiler or linker option )

Environment details:-

Solaris 5.10 64bit
IBM DB2 UDB Version 9.1