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    Unanswered: Newbie question about activity monitor

    Hi, I am new to SQL server 2008 and have a few queries with regards to activity monitor:

    1. I realize that if there are say 5 different processes running, no matter how big the query is, the memory used column is usually maxed out at either 16kb or 24kb? Is this supposed to be right? I am assuming that that certain query should consume more than 24kb of memory within SQL server?

    2. If my understanding from question number 1 is wrong, how can I view how much memory each active process within SQL server currently consumes?

    3. I sometimes find that there are processes that are 'Waiting' but upon checking the 'Blocked by' column, it shows it's own Session ID. What could be the possible reasons for this?

    4. Suppose if I have a 'select etc from' statement, why is it that the number of worker threads spawned are different from query to query? What then determines how many work threads are spawned from either a query or say more importantly, multiple worker threads doing concurrent updates to say the same table?

    5. Can I do inserts or updates to the database without writing to the log file? Am currently on the simple recovery model but was wondering if we could do a mass import of data without having the need of writing to the log file, which would save us time.

    Thanks in Advance!
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    For the third item, the process is waiting on the disk system to supply data for the query.

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