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    Please be kind enough to help me!

    Here is what I would like to accomplish:
    Create an event database system whereby someone(user) can register as a host of a predefined(by the website) event type with event details, He/She (user above) would invite Guests to sign up for the event and the event registrant/host would be able to view/update/edit/delete any information about the guests that signed up for their respective events.
    This is what I have so far with the design:
    Users (userID, userInfo)
    Events( EventID, EventTypeID, UserID, EventDetails)
    Guests (GuestID, userID, eventID, GuestDetails)
    Event type( EventTypeID, userID, event types Details)

    Please any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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    Do you require a GuestID? Is the combination of userID and eventID unique?

    Can you explain your thoughts behind the event type table?
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    Well, the thoughts behind the event type is something like this:
    Event types: Association meetings, club event, wedding event, birthday party,family reunion, class reunion and so on. The idea is that people who want to host these events would have a way of creating one of these events on the website, and invite their guests who are interested to sign up for their specific event. The host should have a way to pull up a list of the guests and edit, delete or update the list as they wish.
    I was thinking the guestID would help the host identify which guests would be coming to the event and acknowledge their interest.
    Maybe I am wrong. But any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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