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    Unanswered: detedif function

    i have a form which a date - i want to calculate the number of months from that date (a future date) up until the current date...

    so i have 12/06/2010 in a certain field on my form, i have created another textbox control which i want to tell me how many months from that date to now - so it should say 2 months...

    i have tried this


    but it doesnt work....

    does the stuff in the square brackets mean label name? so i just enter the label name in there?

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    daetdiff can take any valid expressions as parameters, that measn variables, control.values or columns usually the [] is used to encapsualte a column where a space has been usied in the na\me of the column

    mind you I'm not surprised it didn't work, the help manual and autosense should have helped you
    what you are lookign for is something similar to
    avariable = datediff("m",adatevalue,anotherdatevalue)
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    Thanks heakdem - ive managed to get it to work with your help...cheers!

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