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    Unanswered: Someone please help clarify things before i rip my eyes out

    First of all i would like to say i would be extremely grateful if someone can help me out. thanks in advance.

    Right my problem is the relationships in my access 2007 database. It's essentially a nursery system, registering parent and child info, staff details, creating sessions at different sites with different groups and so on. im 90% sure i have all the foreign keys right in my tables, but every single relationship is a one to one . so something's wrong.

    take my parent and child tables for example. i have in my head that.

    One parent has MANY children.

    so in my child table i have a parent ID from the parent table but when i drag the relationship it's 1 to 1 i will put a screenshot up of all my tables on relationship view but not linked.

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    Check and make sure in your child table, the index for the ParentID is set to allow duplicates.

    Sam, hth
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    it worked, thank you sam you diamond do i need to do this for all others too?

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