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    Unanswered: sqlservr.exe only consumes 200mb in task manager?

    SQL Server 2008 Enterprise 64-bit
    2 proc, quad-core
    24GB RAM
    Windows Server 2008

    Is this normal? I just checked we have around 15 processes (select, inserts, updates) running concurrently but memory usage within task manager for sqlservr.exe is only 200MB! Isn't that weird?

    However upon looking at os_performance_counters, I see that Target Server Memory and Total Server Memory is the same exact value 18874368 (We have 24 GB of physical RAM, 18GB has been assigned as max memory within SQL server 2008 parameters)

    My biggest question is how can I check that SQL server is only using 200MB of physical RAM and not using the page file for the remaining 17.8GB?

    Task Manager also does show that Total Physical memory is 24GB, cached is 695MB and Free is only 910MB.

    Working Set (sqlservr) in Perf Monitor shows about 200mb, which means that it is true that sql server is only consuming 200mb!

    Any ideas folks?
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    I would start looking what is in the buffer pool.

    Take a look at sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors (example of usage) and DBCC MEMORYSTATUS.

    Are you running multiple instances of SQL Server on the server? Just a wild guess that you might be looking at a "unused" instance.

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