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    Unanswered: Problem with excel in ssis

    i had to load the data from sql server data base tables. i used store procedure to load the data .the stored procedure gives three columns when i run it

    so my source is sql server

    i had to create a table in excel and load the data into the three colums

    i had to create an excel table with three colums.

    CREATE TABLE `New Table` (

    `column a` VarChar (9) ,

    `column b` VarChar (8) ,

    `column c` VarChar (254) )

    when i do data conversions and when i load the data the first two columns are getting loaded properly.the third column is loading in this fashion '0123 i have to get 0123 only i am getting '0123 in my third column.

    when i did my data conversions i had used each of these options( DT_WSTR , DT_NTEXT) .

    when i use these options i get the above mentioned issue '0123 but not 0123.

    please can any one help me with this

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    when i changed colum c data type to int in the template new table

    and when i did the data conversion to 8 bit unsigned integer in my data flow task. i was able to eliminate the single quote problem.

    thank you very much for your help

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