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    Red face Unanswered: Select record together with my combo box

    Programming Language: vb6
    backend Database is : MSAccess

    I have two tables the TBLCaveinfo and the TBLDetails. I have a form with a combobox on it. The combobox is populated with the Cavenames in the TBLCaveinfo and the Caveid is the link to my second table the TBLDetails..In my combobox i get the id of the cavename and save it to the TBLDetails to have the link..

    whenever i use the record selectors like the first record, next, prev...of the records the value of the combobox doesnt follow.. Can somebody help me on this one..How can i let the value of the combobox be the same of the record i selected..i hope i made it clear..

    By the way im using adodc like adodc1.recordset.movefirst

    I'd appreciate your help.


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    I'm not sure I quite understand what you're asking. Are you saying you have a combobox with a list of CaveNames, and you would like the appropriate CaveName to be the selected value according to the current record?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Select record together with my combo box

    yes sir you're exactly right. Because my cavename value is from Table A that i populated during form load which is link only through caveid in table B so whenever i click my record selector the cavename will not follow it always have and empty how can i let my combo box display it with the corresponding value of the cavename whenever i click on my record selectors..
    hope this explanation helps..

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