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    Unanswered: vba code to generate a simple bar chart in access 2007

    hi all,
    i am new to vba access programming 2007 i have a pre defined table of data in access 2007 example i have a table showing company name and its annual income k then i want to generate a bar graph from this table showing company name on x-axis and annual income on y axis k using vba coding in access 2007. so can u please reply me with the code (or) atleast approach how should i start to generate a chart from table using code k.

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    I can't help directly with your question.Many years ago I started doing what you propose and found that Access charts were ok for simple stuff like you ask but sucked when trying to do anything remotely complicated. As such, I wrote some code to automate Excel and produce all my charts in there. The additional bonus to this was that clients were particularly happy since it allowed them to play around with their data and the charts in a familiar environment.

    If that sounds like it is possibly of interest there is code for "Automating Excel" in the code bank.

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