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    Unanswered: Getting earliest date from several columns in one row.

    I have a database set up with fields to input different dates for different reasons. I have a query set up to bring back those dates and what I'd like to do is have the query identify the date that is the earliest. How can I do this?

    The query is bringing back the following information from my table:

    Job# WXdate ctdate furdate whdate earlydate
    a1234 2/5/2010 2/10/2010 2/25/2010

    So what I'd like is for the earlydate field to populate with the earliest date from this selection.

    I've tried doing an if statement where If wxdate is less than ctdate and etc. But sometimes the dates will be the same and then it won't return any date at all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    populating early date field violates the principles of normalised design

    you could get what you want by using a compound IIF statement

    acontrol = iif(wxdate<ctdate,iif(wxdate<ctdate,wxdate,cxdate) ,iif(ctdate<cxdate,cxdate,ctdate))
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