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    Unanswered: Detecting a page break


    I'm working with Crystal 9 and I can't find how to detect a page break into a subreport. The only constraint I have is that this subreport have to be placed in a footer section.

    What I'm looking for :

    please see next page

    ------ ------------Page break ------------------------

    Of course, the sentence "please see next page" has to be removed in case there is no page break.

    So, I've been trying with different formulas, using shared vars to suppress a section with the sentence "please...", but I couldn't pull this off. Does anyone have an idea ?

    Thanks for your time,

    Ps: The idea with shared vars was to get the page number before and after the sub-report, but when I import these vars in the sub-report they are somehow recalculated.
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