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    Unanswered: Integration of different database tables

    Hi Forum ,

    I had two different sites , one for e commerce and another one like a discussion forums. up to now i maintaining both in different servers with different databases .
    Now i would like to integrate both with respect to users , i.e. i don't to want to disturb the existing sites in the respective servers , i just want to integrate the users list in the tables only . when a user register in one site no need to register in another one and the vice versa .
    At present the fields in the both user tables in the databases are different only few like first name , last name was equal ..
    how can i integrate the fields and users list , can i achieve this by maintaining in different databases.
    please share your ideas .

    thanking you in advance

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    Have you had a look at replication? You create a primary location for all the users. All new entries are added to this primary table and replicated to the other servers databases.
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