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    Unanswered: Import DB from SQL Server 2000 to DB2

    I would like import a Microsoft Server database in a DB2. How can I do it.
    Is it possible to use a Wizard to realize this import action ?

    Than you

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    I would use a dts package to an odbc linked server (iseries driver or what ever driver you are using for data access on db2) then in your package assuming you have proper "write" credentials I would create a dts with multiple datapumps that create the tables and insert the data into db2 from your tables. Start by creating on Data transformation from one sql table to your db2 environment SQL source and DB2 destination, On the create table copy the syntax that appears in the data transform, then you can use that with execute sql task to create many at the same time (create your own parsing statement for all the tables you require from the database). Then instead of having several datapumps then you can have one large execute sql task script to do this. I would believe security would be different so permissions and security should be set up from the DB2 side. As far as doing a complete DB copy from SQL to DB2 I am not sure I would want to attempt this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burkular View Post
    ... As far as doing a complete DB copy from SQL to DB2 I am not sure I would want to attempt this.
    Why not? What would you do as an alternative?
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