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    Unanswered: What should be the maximum Memory Allocation

    Dear Support,

    I am using oracle database 10gR2 on Windows Server R2 and in dedicated mode.

    Currently my sga is allocated as below:

    sga_max_size big integer 1G
    sga_target big integer 832M

    However, because Activity on database is increasing due to more user accessess, when I check the Task Manger Oracle Process is using at least 1,074,000

    I would therefore like to know if someone can advise me on how much memory should be the right one

    Any advice is well come

    Kind Regards

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    Memory allocation depends on many things e.g. size of db, usage of db, type of db (e.g. OLTP, warehouse, etc), number of users, hardware, server resources etc etc etc. It's (almost) impossible to determine what memory setting is the correct one without investigating (e.g. by running tuning scripts).
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    that depends on how much memory the box has and what else the box does.
    personally I don't see an advantage to SLOWLY increasing the memory allocation.
    if it's a dedicated db server then allocate 50-70% of total memory to the database.
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    ORAEDT11gtest> show parameter pool

    post the results

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