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    Unanswered: Date conversion query problems


    I have a database in which I paste info from SAP to combine with manual entered times to give productivity. The start and end times are entered as general time format (mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM) and the confirmed time from SAP is downloaded as format (hh:mm:ss AM) and also contains a date (mm/dd/yyyy).

    If, in my query, I try to set the criteria for the time from the SAP table as Between [StartTime] And [EndTime] it gives me nothing because the date is not included with the time.

    I wrote a query for the SAP table which updates a new field "JoinTime" to "[CreationDate]&" "&[CreationTime]". This makes the field LOOK like it should for general date format; however, this query does not work unless the field is formatted as TEXT. If I try to format as DATE, it will not update due to type conversion error.

    The query which will give me my end result does not work because of the formats being different.

    Can anyone help me resolve this?


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    ok duh....If I had waited 5 more minutes before I made this post, I would have gotten it.

    The field "JoinTIme" didn't work when I tried to set the format as Date because I set it to General Date. It worked when I simply changed it to Date.

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