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    Question Unanswered: Designing Access report - Need help!

    I am attempting to create a report in access that will have many fields displayed on it. My findings are that access has a maximum size it will allow a report to handle. However, I have about 35 fields I will displaying(much of which are "memo" type) and I have run out of space.

    Is there a way to create multiple detail sections so I can continue to add fields to my report? All of this data is coming from one table, and I do not believe a subreport will help(I dont know how to implement them properly). I'm not sure what to do, and any advice will be much appreciated!!


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    What do you mean by "out of space"? Do you need a very wide page? Is your memo data incomplete when displayed? Do you have the report memo fields set to "Can Grow"? Does placing your memo fields vertically on the report give you the space you need? With all those fields, is this being designed for printing or just viewing only? More details are needed.

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