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    Unanswered: Code on form not working as it should

    I have 2 unbound fields and a button on a form.

    One unbound field is a drop-down list that select the invoice number and amount from a table. When the invoice number is selected, it populates the second unbound field with the amount on the invoice selected.

    Behind the button is some code which begins with the following:
    x = Me!Combo55 ------ Me!Combo55 is the drop-down list mentioned above
    xx = Val(Me.amount) -------- amount is the second unbound field above

    My problem is when I select the Invoice number, the amount appears in the other unbound field as it should. However when I click the button, x equals the invoice number (as it should) but the variable xx = 0 and not the amount. If I type in the amount in the unbound field, then my variable xx holds the correct value when I click the button.

    Where am I going wrong?

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    You can try:
    xx = Val(Me.amount.Value)
    Otherwise, please post the whole code, not just some sparse lines of it.
    Have a nice day!

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