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    Unanswered: One Field to Reflect another

    Hi all this might be a silly question, but I have a Form and a Subform. The main form has a field called Refferal date and the Subform has a date field called Referred back. Well the [referredback date] field is usually the same as the Referral date, was wondering when the users enter the date for the Referral date can that update the [referreddate] also. and how exactly would I do that. is there some code I would put in the Referreddate that would tell it to get the data from the Referraldate??

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    Usually it's done the other way: code (AfterUpdate, normally) in the control you modify the value modify the value of a related different control.
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    Look at "DemoFieldReflectA2003.mdb", (attachment, zip).
    Look at tables, forms, ("form2Subform", field "f3DateSub" default value
    properties). Open Form1 and try.
    But, you have to care what would heppen if the user change a date
    in main form (Form1).
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