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    Unanswered: PL/SQL proc giving incorrect results...9i

    Hi guys

    I have a PL/SQL proc which is supposed to SUM up values for each of the 24hrs.

    When this proc runs as scheduled in the cron, it gives incorrect results. (only the first 4 hrs of the day are summed up correctly. No idea how it computes values for the rest of the hours of the day but they are not sums. Moreover, it doesn't give results for each of the 24hrs. Sometimes it stops at 1900hrs, sometimes 2200hrs....etc

    I say this because when I run the proc manually in Toad, the results are absolutely fine.

    I re-compiled the proc but when it ran automatically, the results were no good. Don't know what else to do.

    Will appreciate if you could help my analyze this issue. Thanks


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    server time and os time difference ?

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    There is a probability close to 100% that your procedure is doing something wrong.

    Since you didn't provide any code, nobody here will be able to help though ...
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