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    Unanswered: db2cc object view

    I have installed db2 v9 with fix pack 3 in red hat Linux system .I have created a database and others were able to access the Database .

    When i open the control center (db2cc) on the same server.
    In the Object View . i don't see any instances or databases .

    Now how do i get the object view by default in db2cc or do i need to update anything for this

    any suggestions .

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    What user are you using to run db2cc?

    What do you get when you run it?


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    check the attachment you might get a better idea .

    I would like to have the same on serverA .
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    I restate my first question. What linux user are you using to open db2cc?


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    i use db2inst user which has sysadm permissions and is in db2grp .
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    What are the outputs for:

    db2 list node directory
    db2 list db directory
    db2 get dbm cfg

    on the server where you are having the problem?


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    db2 list node directory
    SQL1037W The node directory is empty. SQLSTATE=01606

    db2 list db directory

    System Database Directory

    Number of entries in the directory = 1

    Database 1 entry:

    Database alias = SOURCE
    Database name = SOURCE
    Local database directory = /home/db2inst
    Database release level = b.00
    Comment =
    Directory entry type = Indirect
    Catalog database partition number = 0
    Alternate server hostname =
    Alternate server port number =

    db2 get dbm cfg

    db2 get dbm cfg

    Database Manager Configuration

    Node type = Enterprise Server Edition with local and remote clients

    Database manager configuration release level = 0x0b00

    CPU speed (millisec/instruction) (CPUSPEED) = 2.715979e-07
    Communications bandwidth (MB/sec) (COMM_BANDWIDTH) = 1.000000e+02

    Max number of concurrently active databases (NUMDB) = 8
    Federated Database System Support (FEDERATED) = NO
    Transaction processor monitor name (TP_MON_NAME) =

    Default charge-back account (DFT_ACCOUNT_STR) =

    Java Development Kit installation path (JDK_PATH) = /home/db2inst/sqllib/java/jdk32

    Diagnostic error capture level (DIAGLEVEL) = 3
    Notify Level (NOTIFYLEVEL) = 3
    Diagnostic data directory path (DIAGPATH) = /home/db2inst/sqllib/db2dump

    Default database monitor switches
    Buffer pool (DFT_MON_BUFPOOL) = OFF
    Lock (DFT_MON_LOCK) = OFF
    Sort (DFT_MON_SORT) = OFF
    Statement (DFT_MON_STMT) = OFF
    Table (DFT_MON_TABLE) = OFF
    Timestamp (DFT_MON_TIMESTAMP) = ON
    Unit of work (DFT_MON_UOW) = OFF
    Monitor health of instance and databases (HEALTH_MON) = ON

    SYSADM group name (SYSADM_GROUP) = DB2GRP
    SYSCTRL group name (SYSCTRL_GROUP) =
    SYSMAINT group name (SYSMAINT_GROUP) =
    SYSMON group name (SYSMON_GROUP) =

    Client Userid-Password Plugin (CLNT_PW_PLUGIN) =
    Client Kerberos Plugin (CLNT_KRB_PLUGIN) =
    Group Plugin (GROUP_PLUGIN) =
    GSS Plugin for Local Authorization (LOCAL_GSSPLUGIN) =
    Server Plugin Mode (SRV_PLUGIN_MODE) = UNFENCED
    Server List of GSS Plugins (SRVCON_GSSPLUGIN_LIST) =
    Server Userid-Password Plugin (SRVCON_PW_PLUGIN) =
    Server Connection Authentication (SRVCON_AUTH) = NOT_SPECIFIED
    Database manager authentication (AUTHENTICATION) = SERVER
    Cataloging allowed without authority (CATALOG_NOAUTH) = NO
    Trust all clients (TRUST_ALLCLNTS) = YES
    Trusted client authentication (TRUST_CLNTAUTH) = CLIENT
    Bypass federated authentication (FED_NOAUTH) = NO

    Default database path (DFTDBPATH) = /home/db2inst

    Database monitor heap size (4KB) (MON_HEAP_SZ) = 90
    Java Virtual Machine heap size (4KB) (JAVA_HEAP_SZ) = 2048
    Audit buffer size (4KB) (AUDIT_BUF_SZ) = 0
    Size of instance shared memory (4KB) (INSTANCE_MEMORY) = AUTOMATIC
    Backup buffer default size (4KB) (BACKBUFSZ) = 1024
    Restore buffer default size (4KB) (RESTBUFSZ) = 1024

    Sort heap threshold (4KB) (SHEAPTHRES) = 0

    Directory cache support (DIR_CACHE) = YES

    Application support layer heap size (4KB) (ASLHEAPSZ) = 15
    Max requester I/O block size (bytes) (RQRIOBLK) = 32767
    Query heap size (4KB) (QUERY_HEAP_SZ) = 1000

    Workload impact by throttled utilities(UTIL_IMPACT_LIM) = 10

    Priority of agents (AGENTPRI) = SYSTEM
    Max number of existing agents (MAXAGENTS) = 400
    Agent pool size (NUM_POOLAGENTS) = 200(calculated)
    Initial number of agents in pool (NUM_INITAGENTS) = 0
    Max number of coordinating agents (MAX_COORDAGENTS) = MAXAGENTS
    Max no. of concurrent coordinating agents (MAXCAGENTS) = MAX_COORDAGENTS
    Max number of client connections (MAX_CONNECTIONS) = MAX_COORDAGENTS

    Keep fenced process (KEEPFENCED) = YES
    Number of pooled fenced processes (FENCED_POOL) = MAX_COORDAGENTS
    Initial number of fenced processes (NUM_INITFENCED) = 0

    Index re-creation time and redo index build (INDEXREC) = RESTART

    Transaction manager database name (TM_DATABASE) = 1ST_CONN
    Transaction resync interval (sec) (RESYNC_INTERVAL) = 180

    SPM name (SPM_NAME) =
    SPM log size (SPM_LOG_FILE_SZ) = 256
    SPM resync agent limit (SPM_MAX_RESYNC) = 20
    SPM log path (SPM_LOG_PATH) =

    TCP/IP Service name (SVCENAME) = db2inst8016
    Discovery mode (DISCOVER) = SEARCH
    Discover server instance (DISCOVER_INST) = ENABLE

    Maximum query degree of parallelism (MAX_QUERYDEGREE) = ANY
    Enable intra-partition parallelism (INTRA_PARALLEL) = NO

    Maximum Asynchronous TQs per query (FEDERATED_ASYNC) = 0

    No. of int. communication buffers(4KB)(FCM_NUM_BUFFERS) = AUTOMATIC
    No. of int. communication channels (FCM_NUM_CHANNELS) = AUTOMATIC
    Node connection elapse time (sec) (CONN_ELAPSE) = 10
    Max number of node connection retries (MAX_CONNRETRIES) = 5
    Max time difference between nodes (min) (MAX_TIME_DIFF) = 60

    db2start/db2stop timeout (min) (START_STOP_TIME) = 10

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    Has the instance been started?

    What is the output of the linux command "groups" run by the instance owner?


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    yes the instance has been started .

    the output of groups is
    $ groups

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    I do not know what the problem is. You should open a PMR with IBM.


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