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    Unanswered: VBA Code help needed for combobox

    Hi guys I am looking for some help please
    I have a spreadsheet
    It has a picklist
    Each pick from the picklist changes the vaules on the sheets
    (example pick list would have a choice of different depts)
    Depending on which dept you pick will determine what data is shown
    I also created a button on the sheet to take a snapshot of the report (via vba) and to place that snapshot into a new sheet -- All of this works ok

    Here is my question
    What code will I need to ensure when the snapshot button is clicked that it always picks automatically picks Finanace from the drop down list?
    Please help

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    All solved

    If worksheets("Finance").cells(2,2).value<>"Finance" Then
    Worksheets("Finance").cells(2.2).value = "finance"
    End if

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