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    Unanswered: Configuration Advisor, target memory question

    Dear all,
    recently I read some articles about useful "Configuration Advisor", now I have only one question: in the second step I must chose a percentage of instance memory target and I know that Configuration Advisor show me a recommended value.

    In choosing a value shall I have to consider single or all databases?

    Or rather, every time that I must use Configuration Advisor on a database (same instance) shall I have to chose same value?

    thanks in advance.

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    You need to consider all the databases that the instance will have. The Configuration Advisor is not meant to be run on a regular basis. Mainly when the instance is created and when there is a performance issue that needs different parameter values.


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    Hi Andy,
    Thank you for your answer. I have follow doubt:

    If I have two database:

    database 1 > a lot of connection (over 100!)
    database 2 > only mine connection (one!)

    is it correct if I gave the suggested value (about 80%) to database 1 and a very ow percentage to database 2?
    is the logic correct? Or percentage of target memory (instance memory) is common to all database?

    With this step I don't understand if I gave a part of instance memory to a singular database or I set the instance memory respect the physical total RAM memory...

    thanks in advance

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    Normally, the bulk of database memory is allocated to the bufferpools, which are independent of the number of connections. There are also other database memory heaps that have little or nothing to do with the number of active connections. Memory for connections is taken from instance memory.
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