Mentat Technologies is happy to announce the new version of DreamCoder for Oracle version 5.0, a powerful oracle database tool for administration and development.

IDE Performance:

* Scripts execution without editor blocking.
* SQL execution without editor blocking.
* Stop query execution option.
* Allow to execute many SQL's at the same time in different editors.
* New display records option in the data grid.

IDE Usability:

* Improved editor alias support.
* Fixed auto replace option.
* Auto synchronize SQL tree option.
* Auto complete editor columns sort.
* New columns sort for creation data.
* New keys and constrains display option.
* Enhanced PL/SQL Syntax Tree light.
* Allow to enable mark option in the SQL editor.
* New Highlighting reserved words.

New Features and Bug Fixes:

* New unix format to save file.
* Redesign script error window.
* Many enhanced in the Query Builder.
* Many object navigator errors fixed.
* Fixed some problems with the editor code formmating.
* Fixed export wizard from Object navigator tree.
* Fixed import wizard from Object navigator tree.
* Fixed problems in the search object option.
* Mark line error on SHIFT + ENTER bug fixed.
* Mark line error on selected statement bug fixed.*
* SQL Editor status bar size fixed.
* SQL editor status bar new messages.
* Memory leak with executing prepared statements fixed.
* Bug with XMLType parameters fixed.
* Bug with comparing Date field values on optimistic locking fixed.

* Other small improvements and bug fixed.

You can download DreamCoder for Oracle at:
Download center: Free database download tools - SQL Developer: Database manager, Database development and SQL tools for MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL