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    Unanswered: Replication

    SQL Server 2005 (pub & dist) & 2008 (sub)


    I'm setting up further publications on a server that has previously had replication set up on it by someone else. The server is both publisher & distributor. A single service account was used for all agents when replication was originally set up.

    I am setting this up according to best practice so have created specific domain accounts for each agent. However, there is a problem with the Queue Reader Agent. Please could someone correct any of the below and let me know if I have missed an option.

    • There is one and only Queue Reader Agent for each distribution database

    • A publisher can only use one distribution database. A distributor may have multiple distribution databases, but the publisher cannot use different distribution databases for different publications - all of its publications must use the same distribution database

    Assuming the above is true then I have only two options:

    • Leave the Queue Reader Agent account as it is

    • Change the Queue Reader Agent account and grant db_owner permissions to all publication and subscription databases for the new and existing publications

    Is this all correct? Have I missed any options or got something wrong?


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    Poot, is this the correct answer ? I too am looking into a single publisher -> many distributor model, but learned it is not possible, or is it ? SQL 2008 R2
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