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    Freelance DB2 UDB DBAs available for Remote consultancy (DBA/Dev/Training) --Total 3


    This mail is regarding the proposal on DB2 remote consultancy work we can provide to your firm/consultancy in case you have any such requirement. Please find the details of the proposal and in case you find it interesting we can schedule a call to discuss on the same.

    We are team of three DB2 DBAs LUW (expertised in REMOTE DB2 Consultancy ) with nine years of average relevant experience. Currently working for few Fortune 500 clients as DB2 Consultants.

    We are looking for opportunities to work with your firm / consultancy as remote Freelance DB2 DBAs, where we can help you completing your assignment in time specially the tasks which can be very easily managed remotely. This way, you can also take up more work from your customer / client and thus growing your overall business.

    Irrespective of wherever you are located across world (APAC, EMEA, NA, AFRICA, MIDDLE-EAST/GULF) we will be able to provide you the required consultancy in DB2 .

    We are based in India currently and worked in USA and UK at some point of time in our career. We can work in flexi timing to overlap any kind of interaction / communication needed with sending team. Please find our contact information at the bottom of this mail.

    Our expertise areas include mainly the following. But overall we have worked on almost every aspect of DB2 (starting V7.2 on AIX till V9.7 Fixpack 1 on AIX / Linux / Windows).

    DB2 Freelance Remote Consulting Areas include:

    • DB2 performance problems and tuning.
    • DB2 consulting
    • DB2 training
    • Db2 High-end development: Replicated MQT, MDC, Stored Proc (Dynamic / Static), Triggers, Shell scripting (DB2 Toolkits).
    • DB2 recovery
    • DB2 design
    • DB2 DPF related best practice implementation.
    • DB2 on SAP. DB2 with TSM Backup set-up. DB2 / HACMP / HADR/ Replication / Federation.
    • Db2 Auditing with tools (audit check scripts).
    • DB2 Training (online ) on any topics based on customer needs.
    • Any other key and important areas in DB2 related to real-time implementation.
    We can help your team with DB2 on AIX, Linux and Windows and can work remotely with you to share your work-load.

    You can reach us at:
    USA / Canada: +1-718-408-4169

    Thank you,
    Db2 consultant
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