Hello everyone, I finally convinced my company to use Postgres, long ago claiming it was, it now appears that the crisis helps to make decisions previously unthinkable, jejejeje.

Well, I mean, I've been brooding time and testing features of Postgres to go with enough control when I tap it into place and install an application on it, I come from the Oracle world and although I searched, there are two options I can not see how to see / modify:

- Can you change the disk space to be reserved for the table?,
ie can it be pre-allocate a sufficiently large or there
booking to go page by page as I have noticed that it does. I say this
the message that I could go to 32 k, but it seems very efficient, I
would like to book tickets to be inserted 300Mb there.

- Can you see how much memory you've allocated Shred are using and
how much is free?, and in case if you can, "I can see what
records / indexes into cache?.

I think these two data are essential for good performance tuning, so I would bet that really exists and I have not managed to find.

Thanks in advance and greetings.