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    Unanswered: Querying special table name

    Hi all,

    I would ask for your help in the following:
    One of the columns in a table have a special character in its name:


    The query is working for all other columns, but this one. The query is working with Select *, but I cannot access specifically this column.

    I tried googling for special escape characters or such, but couldnt find anything.
    Someone please help me out, how can I make the above query running?

    On execution I get the SQL0206N error, I could not find any workaround for the '-' character.

    Thanks in advance !

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    Enclose the column name in double quotes. Keep in mind that the name then must be entered _exactly_ as it is listed in the catalog; in particular, it becomes case sensitive.

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    Thanks a lot for your answer !

    Pity that its kinda the only case, in which I cannot integrate this query with the R programming langauge, as it messes with " marks...

    But anyway, thanks again, have a nice day :-)

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