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    Red face connecting to DB issue URGENT help (please)

    hey i have a project and i am trying to run some php script on my website and connect it to my home postgis db.

    I wanted to do this all locally first, but i could not get php running on my system locally.

    So pleasee...

    how do i connect to my HOME behind Verizon fios line Database.

    $myServer = "localhost";
    $myUser = "postgres";
    $myPass = "your_password";
    $myDB = "postgis";

    if this is the standard connection for a database on a website, how would i edit it to connect to my home Desktop?

    the site im trying to connect from with the script is

    User postgress
    pass blabla
    port 5432
    dbname postgis

    My host is

    Computer ip is
    IPv4 DNS server <--- not sure if this is needed.

    So how would i point the database to enter my network, and then the computer?

    I have searched online but seem to find little on this, it should be quite simple. But i just need to finish this project by tomorrow and am really stuck.

    if anyone knows please let me know asap

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    i just went to and it shows

    would i need to use this?

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    You need to forward the necessary ports on your router.

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