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    Unanswered: Anyone know of a 'holiday library' in db2?


    I was wondering if there's any DB2 library out there that can be used to check if the current day is a certain holiday? For example, a stored procedure / program will get a list of holidays to check for from a db table.. and return true as soon as the current day matches one of the holidays. If it gets to the end of the list and the current day is not a holiday, then it returns false. Also, Thanksgiving will be read as the 4th thurs in Nov... and needs to be read like this in the library. Someone recommended using this java library --

    Do any of you have any experience working with holidays in DB2? How would you implement this?


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    Quote Originally Posted by db2user24 View Post
    How would you implement this?Thanks!!
    Just implement that piece of java-code as a stored-procedure and/or function. See Solve common problems with DB2 UDB Java stored procedures

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    Another solution that has been implemented in many locations I have been is your own calendar table. This was done, because there are so many holidays and not all companies celebrate them all.

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