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    Red face Unanswered: logic linking tables

    hi everyone
    I'm creating a report that uses 2 tables, companies and projects. I would like to use project ID in a parameter as a prompt so that the project and it's associated company information comes up. (for a packlist)

    This is so newbie - but when I type the project no into the form, it comes back with all the projects for that company.

    I linked the two tables on company ID. What am I overlooking? Can someone please help?

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    Piki, you need to create the dynamic parameter.

    When u create the new parameter, At list of value you put it as dynamic type.
    Under the value there, you click the first column as your projectID then the second column you put the company column. After that remember to click the parameter at their left hand side. Do not forget to do your filtering.

    Do not know my suggestion will be helped or not >_<"

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