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    Unanswered: Alternative to Ms sql server 2005 express edition

    Hello Everyone,

    Our server hosting providers are saying that our web site is running slow because we are using ms sql server 2005 express edition which is a free edition and had only a capacity of handling up to 4 GB data.

    And our database which we are currently using is now having more than 4.5 GB.

    Hence they recommended us to go for a paid one that is specialized edition workgroup and gave us the following link SQL Server 2008: Editions to go through the comparison.

    The hosting providers says that it will be around 4500 rupees per month for sql server. As we are a small firm and cant afford to this much amount.

    Please suggest any alternate methods.


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    SQL Server Express now allows upto 10GB.
    SQL Server Express

    However, it seems unlikely that the size limitation is causing your website to run slowly. More likely you are running up against the 1GB memory constraint, single processor constraint or the limitations of your hardware. I suggest you ask your hosting company to provide some data from Perfmon to demonstrate where the problem really lies.

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    Our hosting company says No support or mainitain for sql server

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for your replies. We suggested our hosting company to upgrade from sql server 2005 express edition to 2008 R2 Express edition. But now our web hosting company says that they are ready for an upgrade but they wont give support or maintain the database with the new edition and says that we have to maintain the database. I guess this is too much they are asking from us.

    They only told us previously to upgrade to higher version but for a paid one. Now when we suggested them a higher version but free, they say that they will not maintain the database. This is really frustrating.

    I don't know why they are pressurizing us for paid version. As i told before now we are using sql server 2005 express edition which is also a free version and hosting company is maintaining it. So what is the problem with them to maintain the upgraded version of 2008.

    We are really fed up with these guys and want to change our hosting company. Could any of you guys pls suggest us the list of good hosting companies who will not create these types of problems and unnecessary tensions. Following below are our details

    Website files size is about 5 GB and Database file size around 4.5 GB. Also there are few concerns during shifting of server such as if we transfer our db and files how long will it take since the site is heavy . Will there be a downtime of the web site. Will the site be any hacking attempt since it's an ecommerce web site.

    We would appreciate if any of you guys please help us in this regards


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