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    Unanswered: Replicated MQT - Refresh Deffered

    Hello All,

    I create a replicated MQT table on top of a base table with refresh deffered.The base table has 109 col and the MQT has 16 cols.Now from what i read in articles is that we create MQT and indexes on it.We give base table name in the queries and the db2 optimizer will decide which table to take (base table or MQT).My question here is what if i give the MQT directly in the query instead of the base table?? Will it effect the performance????

    Please let me know

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    You will read from the MQT. Assuming that you have the appropriate indexes and all, it should perform well.


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    Thanks Andy...So it should work well and it keeps the db2 optimizer out of the decision making....

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    Yes, that's correct. If you query the MQT, the optimizer won't route to the base table - it only works in the opposite direction.
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