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    Unanswered: Export Report to single html (Access 2003)

    I have a lot MS Access 2003 reports that has multiple groupings on the report that I need to export to Excel. When I exported the report to Excel everything was out of whack because of the group headers and footers. I tried exporting the report to HTML and all of the columns including the groups lined up perfectly! I could even open the html document using excel and everything was perfect. Opening the html document with Excel would work except for the fact that Access puts the report out into multiple html documents.
    I need the data to be output exactly as it is on the reports with all of the groupings and totals for each group so outputting a table or query wouldn't work because it wouldn't have any of the subtotals I need. Outputting the data to XML also wouldn’t work because I wouldn’t be able to automatically open it Excel for my boss.

    My supervisor wants the data with the sub totals so he can do who knows what. The reports are quite large some containing a thousand rows or more.
    I know quite a bit of VBA so I could automate the process of outputting the data to an html document and then simply stuffing the data into an html document and then opening it with Excel.

    Does anyone know how to force MS Access to stuff everything into one html document instead of multiple documents when exporting table, forms or reports to HTML?.

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    Is it feasible to split the database and just give your boss an Access front end instead of going to some other format? If he needs to do analysis in Excel, then I'd say give him an automated Excel doc that hits your Access db as a datasource. Exporting reports for analytics is sub-optimal because (as you have noticed) you are no longer sending data, but rather a formatted document BASED on the data you actually care about. It's then up to you to extract what you actually wanted from the report. I'd wager it's easier to do away with the entire formatting/unformatting process all-together and just give him the data he wants.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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