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    Unanswered: Q Replication Disaster

    We are having an issue with Q-replication. We brought down our Q-replication standby database for couple of hours for an OS upgrade. Meanwhile the capture was running on the primary database and was building up the Queue on MQ server. But unfortunately due to disaster we lost all the Queues. Now the replication needs to re-syncehd from primary. It would be grateful if someone could tell me the procedure how to accomplish this without causing an outage to the primary.

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    you will have to connect to primary and execute export
    on target a load to refresh all data
    in replication center force a manual full refresh to reset the synchpoint
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    Thanks. The problem is that we cannot reset the synchpoint as we have another applier running for the same capture.

    We had a staging database in between. We had to take a 10 mins of outage on primary to reset the synchpoint. We restored the production database to the staging database to point in time when outage was started and then kicked of a full refresh to the replicate copy from the staging database. After the refresh was done, we started the applier on replicate. The applier obviously starts applying from the redefined synchpoint which was defined during the outage.
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