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    Unanswered: Exclude based on 2 columns of a sub qry

    I have a qry that select 5 columns 2 of which are pNo and fNo I need to exclude all records that have a sum of 0 when i group by just those 2 columns originally it was just 1 column so i did

    where pNo not in(

    select pNo from (

    SELECT pNo,Sum(amt)total
    FROM Accounts
    GROUP BY pNo
    HAVING Sum(amt) =0


    but now i have to use both columns to group and i can do both columns:

    Where pNo and fNo not in(

    SELECT fNo ,pNo FROM(

    SELECT fNo ,pNo,Sum(amt)total
    FROM Accounts
    GROUP BY fNo,pNo
    HAVING Sum(amt) >0)

    So what do i do? Also this is inline sql in a classic asp file so i cant do temp tbl or smthing like that

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    It would help to see all of your query, but you want to use a NOT EXISTS clause with a CORRELATED SUBQUERY OR what is wrong with this...
    SELECT fNo ,pNo,Sum(amt)total
    FROM Accounts
    GROUP BY fNo,pNo
    HAVING Sum(amt) =0
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    All the sql
    SELECT i.fundno,
    CONVERT(VARCHAR, i.i_date, 1) AS idate,,
    CAST(NULL AS FLOAT) AS incomebal
    INTO #temp
    FROM dbo.income i
    LEFT JOIN dbo.anniversary_info AS ai
    ON ai.fundno = i.fundno
    LEFT JOIN liquidity_info li
    ON li.fundno = i.fundno
    LEFT JOIN hedgefunds hf
    ON hf.fundno = i.fundno
    WHERE ( i.TYPE = 8 )
    AND ( i.fundno < 9901 )
    AND ( ai.fundno IS NULL )
    AND ( li.period LIKE '%an%' )
    GROUP BY i.fundno,
    CONVERT(VARCHAR, i.i_date, 1),,
    ORDER BY i.fundno,

    SELECT fundno,
    SUM(amt) s
    INTO #delete
    FROM income
    GROUP BY fundno,
    HAVING Abs(SUM(amt)) = 0

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