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    Question Unanswered: Sybase connection from .net application

    recently our dba setup a dev database... but got this problem when I tried connecting to the development database.

    I know I entered the connection string correctly with dev database details. When I tried running the application, it says login failed. I was able to use the same Server Name, port HA server name, user ID and psw on DBartisan to connect to the dev databaes server. that's why Im sure that the information are correct.

    I also place the server information inside the SQL.INI file and I'm sure those are correct.

    When I check, it seems that the application is trying to connect to the Production database not on the development database because I tried using the userid and password of the production database server on the same connection string, the application was able to connect succesfully... Sounds weird but this is what happened.

    Does anyone experience the same problem before? Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Hope someone could help me on this one .... Thanks!!!
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    i modified some of the setting on my workstation and now I cannot connect to both prod and dev database the error message that showed up was "The system cannot find the file specified" instead of a login falied.

    The ADE servers setting both for prod and dev are correctly inputed in sql.ini file... Is there a file that i need to configure or like a registry setting that i need to check?

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