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    Unanswered: Automation of importing a table

    I am updating a program for several locations with a new version. The data table did not change, so I want to send the new version to them without the data table and have them import the table from the old program. They are not Access savy, so I need the code to ask the user to point to the file location where the program is at (path will be different at each building).

    Any suggestions on how to easily automate this?

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    It sounds like your application should be split, and they should just relink to their back end, but either way this will let them select the file:

    API: Call the standard Windows File Open/Save dialog box

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    I agree with Paul that your really should split your application into a front end and back end.

    I always split every database. It has so many advantages. Even fo a single user application.

    An option you might consider is having teh front end auto link to the back end in the same folder. This way when you deploy an update, all you have to do is place the updated front end in the same folder as the back end. when the front end options, it can automatically relink to the tables in the back end in the same folder. The user will not have to do anything with this method.
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