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    Unanswered: take input from user


    I have started to learn Informix 4GL programming... I am at beginning stage.

    Currtently I trying some sample programs to learn more about Informix 4GL programming.

    I am trying sample program to perform addition, subtraction,multiplication, division opertions.
    I want to take 2 numbers from user for my program.But i am able to take number but unable to perform operation and also display result.

    So please any body can help me in my problem... i will be very thankful.....

    I hope i will get quick response from anybody.


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    Hi pbankar,

    There are many ways of having the numbers from the user... the most simplest way is using the instruction "prompt" validating the numbers recieved from users, then you do the operation the show the result by a "message" instruction.
    This is the simplest way, but not the best one...
    If you want to do it how it should be done, you should do a form for an normal input then have the numbers from the user, then recieve what kind of operation he wants to preform, then you can open one window and show the result...

    Do you know how to do it?

    Have fun...


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