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    Question Unanswered: Best way to load db2 - shell script, perl, ...?

    Hi everyone,

    I have been working on shell scripts and Perl for sometime recently.
    In my work place we use a Perl script to load millions on records from flat files. The Perl script uses spec files or create spec format using details from system tables if the spec file is not available. The data is being loaded from different nodes (cluster server).

    My doubt is
    1) Can this be efficiently done in shell script ?
    2) Which will be better and less time consuming to load the db2 tables ?


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    shell script or perl won't be able to make any difference to the Loading time of the flat files to tables. That will be DB2 load agent which will decide how faste it can load all the million records.

    The scripting part will format the data and will invoke the Db2 loader. So whichever is easier for you to achieve the formatting part (flat file), you can use that. We use AWK/SHELL for Loading, and for many others we use PERL based on the functionality and requirement.

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