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    Unanswered: -1213 A character to numeric conversion process failed

    Hi All,

    I have one query which runs successfully through dbaccess, when same being used in curser, it gives -1213 error. Here is example:

    select network_id,NVL(total_calls, 0), fragment_date from cell_statistics
    where network_id in ('4','5') and time_id in ( SELECT datetime_id from
    datetimes WHERE extend(date_and_time,
    year to day) = extend (today-7, year to day) )
    ORDER BY network_id,fragment_date

    when i was using network_id = 4 , it was working fine, but now I need multiple network_id to be passed so I modified the code inside IN, now it is not working.

    Please help me out, and let me know, if you need any more info.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I got the real limitation here, '?' use for single char or integer input in the parameterized query, and I'm trying to pass a strings. So is there any way we can use asterisk '*' like to accept comma separated string?

    where network_id in (?) to network_id in (*)
    comparing with sprintf, we use %d for one integer, here is equivalent is '?'
    The aim here to behave like %s, what can we use??

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