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    Unanswered: Query Help - Selecting between two date ranges

    Hi All,

    I am trying to count rows in a table where a datetime field entry is between todays date and the previous 14 days.

    FROM tblFees
    WHERE DateInvoiced between dateadd(day,datediff(day,0,getdate())-0,0) and dateadd(day,datediff(day,0,getdate())-14,0)
    This doesn't return any results, I am not sure if I am using the correct date format?

    I am also trying to do a SUM on a field within the same table but when I attempt to select both a COUNT and a SUM within the same query I get the following error:

    Only one expression can be specified in the select list when the subquery is not introduced with EXISTS.

    Sorry if this is a basic question or has been asked before, I'm new to SQL and would really appreciate the guidance.

    Many Thanks


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    if you run this you'll see your formulae are fine, but you have the dates in the wrong order for the BETWEEN arguments.
    SELECT  dateadd(day,datediff(day,0,getdate())-0,0)
          , dateadd(day,datediff(day,0,getdate())-14,0)
    I can't help with the second problem without the SQL.

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