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    Unanswered: data loading into 9i db slow

    Hi guys

    Just wondering if someone could helpl me speed up the data loading into a 9i database? The method being used is via 'external files'. It's just that the files to load are consistently increasing meaning less files get loaded as compared to the files that come in to load.

    I just wanted to make sure the database is perfectly tuned for this which I know is easier said than done but if, from experience, you know of any parameters to check, please advise? Thanks.

    Sheraz Chowdry

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    If you don't know where time is being spent (where slowdown occurs),
    then you don't know what needs to be fixed to make it faster.

    After you show us where & why the slowdown occurs, then we might be able to make suggestions.
    Until then You're On Your Own.
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    OK thanks...Will get more info.

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    Here is a good test:
    insert X number of rows into the prod table and trace the session or time it or autotrace or whatever.

    create your own identical blank table: create table Y as select * from x where 1=2;
    insert X number of rows into test table Y. trace that.

    See the difference? Notice the difference in waits or buffers, etc?
    What do you think is causing this?

    What is the difference between your test table and the prod table?
    What other objects exist on the prod table? What is happening per insert?

    I could name 5 things to look for but I would rather you test this and figure it out.
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