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    Question Unanswered: db2advis start-date

    We are fairly new to DB2. We love the db2advis command, but would like to bounce it off queries captured by WLM. We aren't sure how to use it with the '-start-time' and '-end-time' option. Specifically, what date format do you give it. Such as yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM, or whatever.

    The documentation we have found shows this, but it doesn't give specifics on how to format the date and time.

    We are using DB2 v9.5 Fix Pack 3b running on Suse Linux in a D5100 IBM Infosphere Balanced Warehouse.

    +-+-workloadname-+--workloadname----------------------+ '-start-time--+----------+-'
    | '-wl-----------' | '-end-time-'
    '-sc-----------' '-,subclassname-'

    Thanks for your help.
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