I am using report viewer on an asp.net page. i am trying to pass a parameter to my report but it does not seem to work. I have dragged and dropped reportViewer control on the page and created a new report. My report contains a simple table and I just dragged and dropped a field from my dataset like 'first name' in it.
Can anybody give advise please?
I have used this code but I do not think its working: In there I want to pass john to my sql query so that it retrieves a resultset about 'john' which is the parameter in this case.

Dim sd As mancosaDataSetTableAdapters.StudentTableAdapter = New mancosaDataSetTableAdapters.StudentTableAdapter
        Dim ds As mancosaDataSet.StudentDataTable = New mancosaDataSet.StudentDataTable

       sd.Fill(ds, "john")
        Dim datasource As New ReportDataSource("hey", ds)