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    Unanswered: How to Add Record to Multi-Key Table

    Hey all,

    (Access 2007)
    I have an Order table and an Items table linked as a many-to-many via an Order_Line table.
    The primary key on the Order_Line table is a combination of OrderID and ItemID.

    I am trying to find the best way to build a an order form for users. I want to be able to use a combo box to select an Item (with ItemID bound), but every time I try this I get an error. I think the error is a product of me trying to write an ItemID to the Order_Line table before an OrderID is there to complete the two components of the primary key.

    Can anyone suggest a way to build this form? Hope this makes sense.

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    Typically you would do this with a form/subform, where the form was bound to the order and the subform to the detail table. Master/child links on OrderID would automatically populate the subform records with the OrderID.

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    Or you might set the default values of ItemID or OrderID on the subform to something like: =Forms!MyMainFormName!ItemID and/or =Forms!MyMainFormName!OrderID. How you set it up though can be done differently but when adding new records, you need to tell it where to get the default values from for ItemID and OrderID.
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